Which Is More Important, Reading Faster Or Comprehension?

Consequently, trying to find an optimum professional astrologer for personal chart reading the speed you read at and the overall comprehension you have of the material is the key to good reading skills. What follows is a brief look at how you can try to optimize your speed reading and comprehension at the same time.

Speed and comprehension

It should be the goal of every individual who wishes to read efficiently to understand what they are reading, learn from it, and then move on. Reading should not be an activity which we linger over. In this regard, it is generally accepted that someone who can read between 250 and 300 words per minute is an average reader. Those who read less than 250 words per minute are slow readers. And those who read more than 500 words per minute are speed readers. However, there comes a point when reading too fast would make you lose your comprehension.

If that’s the case, what should be the optimum speed? Only you can tell because you’ll need to test it out yourself and try to stretch it as much as possible. Different people will have varying levels.

If we accept that these reading rates are fairly standard, it should be the aim of every reader to be reading more than 500 words per minute but at the same time, not to lose comprehension.

Why is reading faster important anyhow?

The reason why it is generally considered important to read with at least some modicum of speed is because it is clear that, as is the case with a reader who reads too fast, a person who is reading slowly most probably does not understanding what it is that they have read.

Here, it is generally accepted that a slow reader is unable to retain the information that /he has just read in his/her memory. In other words, by the time they have completed the sentence they have read, they’ve forgotten what the beginning of the sentence was about!

Improving your speed: Improve your comprehension

Having read the above, if you believe that you need to increase the rate you read at, with the aim of furthering both your speed reading and comprehension skills, the following are 5 brief tips to help you further your reading skills:

1. Check your eye:

One of the most commonly cited (no pun intended) reasons why people have problems reading at high speed is because they either cannot see clearly what it is they are reading, or that they suffer from headaches if they read too much, for too long. If you feel these symptoms may be affecting your reading abilities, it may well be worth having your eyes checked, as there is a chance you may be suffering from some form of eye defect.

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