Understanding WD home entertainment systems

These days many people are moving away from ordinary home entertainment systems.  The advancement in computer use has led to the introduction of computer controlled home entertainment systems. With such a home entertainment system, you can save your CDs and DVDs on the PC hard drive then use the PC to control the television receiver. One of the companies that have taken full advantage of this new trend is western digital. WD home Solfeo systems can be divided into media players, portable media drives and DVR expanders.

With western digital media players, you can enjoy your digital content  easily on your TV. They support all common file formats eliminating the limit to the type of content you can view on your TV.  WD home-entertainment media players can be divided into ordinary media players and HD media players. The western digital TV mini falls under the media player category. It provides DVD quality resolution up to 1080i. With the western digital TV mini, you can play media files directly from USB drives. It also offers composite video connection and real media support. In the HD media player category, you can get the western digital TV live or the western digital TV. The western digital TV live offers the most features compared to all the other western digital home-entertainment media players. These include direct connection to Youtube, Flikcr and Pandora. Connection to the local home network, support for all popular media formats, access to USB drives and a special connection that allows two USB drives to be connected at the same time.

With the western digital TV live, you get a HDMI version 1.3 connection and both component and composite video connection. The final media player in the WD home entertainment fold is the western digital TV. This offers support for popular file types, plays USB content from two USB drives simultaneously and offers composite video connection. The other category of WD home entertainment systems comprises the portable media drives. These drives are meant to help you save videos from a camcorder storing them for direct playback with the TV. The portable media drives from western digital have various advantages. The drive is designed to use less power and stay cool even in hot entertainment systems. The portable drive is also light in weight therefore perfect for use with your camcorder. Once you connect this device to a western digital media player or Blu-ray disc player you will be able to enjoy the content using your TV instantly.

The final category of WD home entertainment systems is the western digital DVR expander. With a DVR expander that is compatible with your system, you have instant storage for recorded data. This means you can record more and delete less. When you connect your computer directly to the Home entertainment system, you can be sure of getting higher quality entertainment. Like any other newly introduced technology, buying WD home entertainment systems may become an issue if you do not know the right sources. This makes buying such systems online your best option. With online shopping, you can visit different stores looking for the best bargains without wasting time. 

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