Trade Show Displays – Think Big Picture

Having the right trade mxl tv display graphics is one critical element that will determine if your trade show marketing efforts are a huge success, or whether your trade show marketing efforts are a huge waste of money. Creating the right trade show display graphics so that your trade show display will stand out from all the other trade show displays means thinking “big picture”.

First, to make your trade show display graphics a success, think big picture figuratively. What is the overall purpose of your design? What are you selling? Why should someone buy it? Who should buy it? You want to answer these questions and then develop your your main marketing message. Your display needs to have a clear message that can be read in seven seconds or less, and tells a prospect what you have to offer them (remember, they probably have several hundred trade show booths to check out). Your message needs to tell then WHO you are, WHAT you’re selling, and WHY they should buy it. Further, you need to tell your prospect why they should buy from you and not the guy two booth spaces down (that is, what are your unique advantages). Your message should be in big, bold, easy to read text – choose a simple font. This is not the time to be “cute” or “different”. You want them to focus on the message, not wonder what the font is.

To make your trade show display graphics a success, you need to also think big picture literally. A picture tells a thousand words, and a huge picture screams them! Don’t use ten or twenty little pictures, don’t try to show everything but the kitchen sink. Pick one bold, eye-catching, attention-grabbing big picture that will grab the attention of a prospect wandering by your booth. The picture should also back up your main marketing message, of course. If you think it’s hard or expensive to come up with that picture, think again. Go to and check it out. They have over a million stock photos available, and you can get a high-resolution image suitable to cover an entire trade show display for about $20. It’s incredibly easy to search for pictures on their website – so you can find a picture of a “cute puppy” or a “screaming boss pulling out his hair” – whatever backs up your main marketing message.

While this article focuses on making sure your trade show display graphics are a hit at the show, don’t forget the OVERALL Big Picture for trade show marketing success. Successful trade show marketing means picking the right show, sending out pre-show mailers, considering having trade show giveaways to hand out at the show, following up with your prospects after the show, making sure you have a website that compliments your trade show marketing efforts, and much more. But covering all those things is probably really the job of the many other trade show advice articles here at Ezine Articles.

So for now, when you’re designing your trade show display graphics, figure out your main marketing message, and think about that picture of a “cute puppy” or the “screaming boss pulling his hair out.” If you want your display to stand out from all of the other trade show displays, it needs to be simple and concise. It needs to have a clear message that sums up your main marketing message quickly and clearly. It needs one big, bold background image that catches your prospect’s attention and reinforces your message. And your display needs to fit into your overall trade show success plan… you have a plan, right? Just remember, Think Big Picture when it comes to trade show displays, and make your next trade show a smashing success!

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