Stretch and Relax While Reading a Fiction Book

Books have always been the best pastime and this is evident in lots of a course in miracles being sold. Fiction books are the ones which are sold the most among all other categories of books.

The stories in these books are of many types and belong to different categories. Therefore, some of the fiction books have horror stories, which have ghosts and other horrid creatures terrorising human beings. There are also comic stories which are capable of making the reader fall of his chair laughing uncontrollably. Then there are stories which have love as the central subject. Fiction books are therefore different in their approach.

Fantasy and fairy tales are some of the recent subjects, which have fiction books written about them. These stories have characters like elves and knights and many other fantastic creatures. One of the variation of fiction books based on this subject is books which have magic and wizards in them. The interest in these books is, therefore, visible as everybody likes to read these type of stories.

Some of the latest fiction books that are being published are extremely interesting. One of them is a book called ‘The Brass Verdict’. This book tells the story of a lawyer who finds the right case to launch his career towards success after a series of wrong choices. Written by the well-known writer Michael Connelly, this book features the famous detective ‘Harry Bosch’ and is perhaps one of the most interesting books written on the subject of law and crime. This is a book, which when read will be able to entertain the user.

Another interesting book which can be read is called the ‘Sea of Poppies’. This is a wonderful book to read and has been written by Amitav Ghosh, who is quite a well known writer. The story of this book is an interesting one, and is not boring at all. In fact, this book from start to finish, is one which is fantastic to read.

These two examples form just a simple example of the wonderful books that are being written in the category of fiction. Fiction books, as shown by these two examples are written in a simple way. The language used in these books also have normally used words which are known to everybody. Hence, one does not need to have a dictionary beside him while reading one of these books. Get a course in miracles.

Being simple is, therefore, one of the major feature of fiction books. They are popular for being easy to understand books to be read for relaxation. The basic aim of reading these books is to relax. Good fiction books are those which enable the readers to relax and have a good time.

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