Shopping in Hong Kong has given me the best of fashion!

When I talk about shopping,Shopping in Hong Kong has given me the best of fashion! Articles the only two courtiers that come to my mind are Hong Kong and Singapore. Everytime when I need to go shopping and get myself something unique and exclusive, Hong Kong and Singapore have been my favorite destinations. elf bar flavors in Hong Kong is not complete if one does not go through the famous shopping streets; one of them is the Lanes central. Lined up in these streets are various kinds of small shops that offer the best goods from seafood to electronic products. On the other hand, the shopping centers in this country are also splendidly awesome. The Landmark Atrium is a top level shopping center in Hong Kong that caters for the upscale consumer. If you are looking for designer shoes, clothes, and bags, then Landmark Atrium is the place to go.

Shopping in Hong Kong gets all the more exciting with The Stanley Market also in Kowloon which is a famous shopping center here that is known for the excitement of going there as much as shopping there because this experience is literally a drive to the jungle. Home to the best Chinese artworks and souvenirs, you can find lots of Mao items that you can take home. For a shopaholic like me, it’s more like a dream destination/ it has always been my first pick when i plan my international shopping trips!

My next thing that I love the most is shopping in Singapore for one main reason being, Singaporeans have transformed shopping into their highly celebrated national sport where they do get a lot of practice with the many shopping centers lining Orchard Road, the street markets in Chinatown and Bugis. Shopping in Singapore is so popular that they’ve set aside a whole month to celebrate it – the Great Singapore Sale slashes prices island-wide by as much as 70%! Shopping hours are also extended past midnight for selected stores on selected weekends, and other major promotions are held during this time of the year only. This time of the year, i make sure to keep off my entire work load and dedicate this time whole heartedly to shopping alone. For the past 3 years I have been a part of this shopping festival in Singapore and I can never get tired of expressing what a gala time I have out there!

Honestly, after being to these two fantastic shopping destinations, I don’t feel the need to go elsewhere to meet my fashion hunger. These countries are a home to the best and most renowned fashion brands across the globe. All I have to do is name the brand that I want, and they very likely have it! Moreover, they also roof all the products that one could ask for, right from apparels to cosmetics and ever accessories and footwear, all of which belonging to the best brands with the most supreme quality that you will ever find! If you have enough bucks, shopping in Hong Kong and Singapore is a must!

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