Sell Your House – 3 Strategies For a Quick Sale

Are you having trouble Sell my house for cash? The solution could be as simple as changing what the buyer is focusing on when he/she walks through the house. People decorate in ways that suit their day to day needs.   When it comes time to sell the house however, it is advisable to re-think things like furniture placement and the ways you have personalized your home.  A plan for “Decorating Your House to Sell” is different from a plan that focuses on decorating the house you live in. Your plan for selling a house should concentrate on these 3 things:

1. Ways to make small rooms appear larger than they are.       

2. Ways to get the buyer to focus on the houses unique features.   

3. Make everything appear as fresh and new as possible.

The first step of your plan should be to clean house. Begin by removing all clutter. This includes removing beloved collections you have accumulated over the years as well as personal photos, religious and political items. Do not forget to clean and organize the spaces in your house that you do not live in like an unfinished basement, attic or garage. Nobody is going to pay top dollar for a dirty house. Clean the windows, the floors, the walls; if necessary put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Be especially meticulous in the kitchen and bath rooms; here it may be a good idea to re-grout tile and replace appliances. If you cannot do it yourself then pay someone to do the cleaning for you. This is one investment you are sure to get a good return on. 

Before the buyers come you want to make sure to remove all signs of a pet living in the house. Put away the food bowl, toys, bed anything that indicates you have pets. This includes removing the pets. 

Once everything has been cleaned you now need to check the results. You may find that your wall to wall carpet is clean, however, there is a traffic pattern worn into it.  Try re-arranging the furniture to take the focus away from the  worn spot. Remember you are not trying to set up the furniture so you can see the TV. Your goal is to position furniture so that the room appears as large and as clean as possible.   To make rooms feel more spacious you should have at least three feet of space if you have to walk through one room to get to another room. Remove all un-warranted furniture, this is furniture that you use, however, is not necessary for the room to appear furnished. 

Painting with light pastel or neutral colors will make walls appear to recede, resulting in a room feeling larger than it actually is. Use this trick to make small rooms appear bigger.   When showing the house let the potential buyers enter the room first, If you stand in the doorway and not in the room it will feel less crowded.       

Make sure all rooms in the house have at least three light sources. This can be a combination of lamps, ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, windows, candles and skylights.   Make the lighting most effective by using it to draw attention to architectural features like beautiful moldings around the window, a chair rail or perhaps a beautiful banister.  If you want buyers to fall in love with your house then get them to focus on your homes special features and details. For instance, if you have a beautiful fireplace or decorative moldings they should be a contrasting color to the walls so that they stand out. Have a picturesque view become the focal point of a room by placing the furniture arrangement around the window and keeping draperies to a minimum. You want the buyer to focus on the view, not your drapes. Use accent lights to draw attention to stained glass windows, high ceilings or other architectural features.   Buyers often look at many houses before making a decision; you want them to remember yours.

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