How To Avoid Second Hand Smoke With Electronic Cigarettes

It is hard to argue that smoking does not affect individuals who do not smoke. Second hand smoke contains over 40 toxic substances that are known to cause cancer and many more adverse health conditions in passive bystanders. Furthermore, many of these toxins have stronger concentrations in exhaled smoke than what is found in first hand IGET Hot Flavours. The population most at risk from environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is the least able to defend themselves: children. However, there is an alternative for traditional tobacco users. They can alleviate health concerns for themselves and the general population by switching to electronic cigarettes.

What Are The Health Risks For Tobacco Users?
Smoking traditional cigarettes invokes complex, long term, and systemic health concerns. At the top of the list for organs susceptible to damage are lungs and the heart. The first area involves respiratory harm. Over time, the damage done to the tiny air sacs that line the lungs can lead to the development of emphysema, cancer, pneumonia, bronchitis, and even tuberculosis, which in turn lowers the level of oxygen traveling throughout the body. This reduces energy levels and forces other organs to work harder than they are designed to. 

This process is evident in the circulatory system which, when overexerted, can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. By damaging the circulatory system in this fashion, blood moving through the body is severely impacted. The heart is forced to work harder in order to move enough oxygen to sustain the body, which can cause blood pressure to rise. An increased heart rate can enable fat deposits to cling to blood vessel walls, thus increasing artery hardening. This condition is very painful. An insufficient level of oxygen flowing throughout the body can lead to gangrene and a possible amputation of affected areas. Slower blood flow can also reduce the body’s ability to fight infections. The stresses caused on the heart by all of these possibilities have the potential to cause heart-related fatalities.

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