Finding the Best Cleaning Methods for Your Carpets

Even though there are plenty of methods going around about how to best clean your carpets, selecting the right company is very important. You must be able to understand which High Pressure Washing method will work best for your carpet, so do your research.

Carpet Shampooing Shampooing our carpets was all the rage during the 1970s. Then encapsulation was introduced, which is proving to be more effective. Shampooing will clean soiled carpet, but will leave excess water and foam behind. It will take a long time to dry too, and leave a sticky residue in the fibres. This happens because the shampoo is not rinsed out after cleaning. The disadvantage to this method of carpet cleaning is that it will need to be done more frequently, as it re-soils quickly.

Hot Water Extraction This type of carpet cleaning is more commonly known as steam cleaning. Hot water extraction uses hot water at high pressure to clean deep into the fibres of your carpet. This will dissolve any dirt residue stuck in the material. It will usually take about two hours to clean an office carpet of about 3000 square feet. After rinsing, it will take on average four hours to dry. If you are having your office carpets or commercial property carpets cleaned, you will get no disruptions to work. All cleaning is done in the evening, so that it can be left overnight to make sure it is properly dried out.

Bonnet Cleaning This will clean the top surface of the carpet fibres by a heavy-duty carpet-cleaning machine, with a spinning pad. This is soaked in cleaning fluid that will absorb all the dirt from the surface of your carpet. Bonnet Cleaning is very popular in hotels, because it can be done quickly, especially in areas of heavy traffic. Only a little moisture is used during the cleaning process, so it won’t take long to dry. You will notice that a chemical residue build-up will occur, so that your carpet will need to be cleaned regularly.

Encapsulation Try foam encapsulation that uses synthetic detergents, which dries into powder crystals when it dries. The dirt that is loosened during the cleaning of your carpet is encapsulated into powder, so that it can be hoovered or brushed off when the carpet is clean and dry.

Dry cleaning is very safe for all types of carpet materials, but works best in commercial properties that work around the clock. The work of the staff in the office will not be interrupted. This method is the leading technology on the market at the moment that cleans effectively without the need for drying time. The compound used is biodegradable, which dissolves dirt in the carpet and then is easily removed after cleaning.

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