Divine Purpose & Freedom Comes Only Through Christ

In the name of jesus christ gospel of love; I pray today for those who read this article, to take heart, engage courage, and reach out to the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

From the first indication and verified account by many within the Biblical texts of Acts 2:2, the Holy Spirit is ignited upon the earth. Many are transformed; filled with the Spirit of God and empowered by the light for living. Many begin to pursue evangelistic and theological endeavors; changing many lives and displaying the work and purpose of God through Christ and the Holy Spirit. Instantaneously, lives changed, souls were saved, and an ever presence of light and joy for which is unrealizable through any of mans pursuits. I tell you my friends; a simply amazing occurrence for which Christ promised before His ascent and a wonderful gift from the Father.

My friends, if you do not know Christ, then you know not the Father, and thus you do not know the Holy Spirit. To accept Christ through faith, to know and to experience this relationship at it’s maximum potential; is to understand and to become consumed with the light of the world; to become driven by the Holy Spirit and to pursue your divine purpose given by the Father (Romans 8:28). If you do not know Christ, I beg you to reach out in faith and witness His greatness. Your destiny, purpose and eternity are balancing on this decision. I dare you to seek your divine purpose. I dare you to reach out in faith and discover the greatest gift ever given.

If you know Christ, but you are chained by strongholds, a slave to your old self or dealing with difficult troubles of our human nature; let me encourage you. Philippians 4:13 states, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This passage and many more like it are incredibly, verifiably and consistently true. Only through Christ can you be more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37). If you have accepted Christ, regardless of your difficulties; you are a child of God and God will go to no end to assist you in your turmoil in order to fulfill His divine purpose for your life; but you must be dedicated. In order to live out our divine purpose for our lives we must live the spirit filled life. We must have courage to continue upon a journey through Christ with sacrifice, dependence, trust and obedience, thus expressing pure faith; only then can God use you to your fullest potential. Yes, we may be involved in doing compatible choice and income driven pursuits, careers or desires we have collected throughout our experiences; expressing our self-driven ideas of purpose. However; if we have not given COMPLETE trust, obedience, and all of our desires to God through Christ, in order for the Holy Spirit to redirect us and greet us where we are in our walk with Christ and in this life; we may live out our lives as Christians in a way that is “half in and half out” or we may tell God through our actions that “you can have this, but I’m not giving this up, maybe later, maybe next week, it’s too tough… not now!” Don’t do it! No expenditure of selfish living and reasoning is worth selling out your divine destiny. God’s destiny for you is the best you’ll every get. He loves you. Count on it. Depend on it. Trust it. And as Pastor Charles Stanley often says “Leave the responsibility of the results in any given situation up to God!” He never fails.

I tell you my friends, as you live your life today; as you wade through the treachery of this mad dark world; go to Him. He is waiting. Call out to Him. The Master and Designer of your life, mind and soul. Give up that which you are holding; sacrifice as the disciples did. In doing so, the disciples were empowered by the Holy Spirit and pursued the finality of their earthly journey and purpose for God. They gave their professional, social, and in the end their complete life to Christ. To express it lightly; this was their honorable and noble destiny. They understood the consistency within inconsistency; the design among the chaos; the light among the darkness; their interactions outlining purpose. Truly, a spirit filled, supernatural existence.

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