Christian Life Coach – What is That?

First of all, let’s look at what the term Life Coach david hoffmeister church youtube. A Life Coach is a professional trained in effective listening, asking, and hearing between words spoken. A Life Coach seeks to be non-judgmental and walks beside you as a support, accountability partner and encourager. A Life Coach usually meets with a client through weekly telephone calls, but sometimes meets in person, by email or mail. Many life coaches facilitate groups, do speaking and writing as well.

In this day and age when close friends who have time to truly listen are hard to come by, a personal Life Coach can fill the gap. In some situations it proves more effective to have a go-to person such as a Life Coach outside your organization that can hear you objectively on a matter.

While similar to Counselling in some ways, Life Coaching is different. It focuses primarily on where a person is and where they want to head, rather than focusing on resolution of deep issues, addictions, hurt, abuse, turmoil, relationship breakdown or dysfunction.

Being a Christian coach doesn’t imply we only coach individuals in Christian organizations, other Christians or spend our time talking about God, Jesus and The Bible. As Christian coaches we believe strongly in the connection of Mind, Body and Spirit (or Soul). We address all areas. We believe God is creator and orchestrator of life’s events and we don’t want to leave him out of the equation. Coaching is more powerful when God or Christ and his character is included in the mix.

Often a Christian coach will include prayer in her sessions with a client. The Christian coach will often pray for a client between sessions, and most certainly will ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance for working with a client prior to a session.

Most Christian Life Coaches consider themselves God’s vessel to assist his people in becoming all he intends by helping them through life’s challenges and in celebrating life’s joys with them.

As Christian Life Coaches, we have a foundational understanding of God’s word, and are careful that the direction we go with a client falls within God’s ideals.

Pastors usually have training in counselling. Certified Life Coaches have studied and trained specifically so that they have a different tool set than a pastor or counsellor. Christian Life Coaches like to look at the bigger picture, the picture outside of a church setting, and they like to focus on possibilities and dreams. The usually love helping dreams take flight. Often pastors don’t have the interest or time to do that specifically for an individual.

Many Christian Life Coaches will have a defined niche that they feel more adept in. A good coach will be forthcoming if the type of assistance a client is seeking isn’t within her realm of qualifications. For instance, as a Life Purpose Coach for women, while I have some diversity, my main focus is helping a woman find her Life Purpose. If someone came to me looking for advice on how to run their business better, I may choose to refer them to a Business Coach rather that take them on myself.

Another Christian Life Coach may focus on families, grief or job transition. Some call themselves by specific names such as Grief Coach or Career Coach. If you have a specific area you are looking for help in, try to find a coach that specializes in that area. If you like to discuss over a variety of life issues, a general Life Coach should suffice.

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