Choosing the Right Products for Your New Born Babies

Catalog printing is as much an art as a practice in logical spacing and reasoning. While it can be simple to have a catalog with one product image per KAS Miner KS3, it is of course far more economical to print two or four for every page. The question really at its heart is how you should display your products properly in this type of marketing material, considering the number and type of products and services you have. Well, if you are in this dilemma, then you are reading the right article.

1. When you have lots of products – For those with lots of products that need to be displayed, the best solution is to use a grid type format. This format displays the products in equally placed squares on every page of the document. This is a very efficient form of displaying products, since every corner of a document should be more or less accounted for. It is also easy to divide pages in a grid format, especially if you need to accommodate a lot of products into one page.

2. When you have different kinds of products – If your product line up has different types of products, then your display scheme should match these different kinds. Dividing your products into certain major categories is the logical solution in this case, so that people can look for a certain type of product faster by reading only that section.

Moreover, you may want to consider printing different catalogs for the different categories of products you have. This should help you promote your products with a more directed way as you send the catalogs with the proper product categories to the people who will be most interested in them. So depending on the number of your products, you can have a color catalog with sections or categories, or you can have different catalogs for different kinds of products.

3. When you have big products – When your products are quite big, then it is usually a must to reserve just one page for each of your big products. Do not worry though about wasting space, since it is possible to write down and add additional marketing messages at little pockets and sides of the images of those main products.

This can be manifested through little picture and text boxes that are located at the “dead areas” of the main picture where few of the defining details of it are evident. This should still give you a big page for one big product, while still being able to add details to it. It is basically a great way to still save a page of text even while it is being used.

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