Afro Hair Styles: It Is More Than Just Another Fashion Statement

What is with the Afro beauty parlour? Pretty much, you see an increasing number of individuals selecting to wear this kind of style. It is definitely a head turner, isn’t it? What is an Afro hair style? Afro is a term used for the hair style which takes curly (artificial or natural) or kinky hair. The term is also called “natural” and is referred to “fro” as well.

Accentuated during the 60’s, this style, was introduced by the individuals with African descent living in countries like the United Kingdom, and USA. Curly or kinky hair needs various kinds of care or management. This type of hair tends to dry faster because it is deficient in the natural oil produced and supplied by the scalp to moisturize the hair, this is due to the fact that the hair stands away from the scalp, the glands produce less sebum and the twists in the hair prevent that little oil from being distributed to the ends..

As mentioned Afro hair styles became popular all over the world just a few decades ago, nevertheless this hair style existed long before the age of industrialization. In fact, an explorer from Great Britain saw numerous individuals referred to as Hadendoa Beja wearing an Afro hair style that was called and defined as “fuzzy-wuzzy” (in British term). The Afro style also became a dangerous symbol, in the African continent, during the 20th century political unrest and individuals were even ordered to discontinue wearing such type of hair style.

However, Africans are not the only ones who are familiar with this type of style. Jews have their own version too often termed “Jewfro”, sometimes referred to as “Isro”. Jewfro hair styles do not lend themselves to the kinky hair characteristics and as a result are different.

For the people having afro hair style, it is crucial to know all the things about their hair type and the way of maintaining it properly. Due to the fact that the hair dries easily, you must always maintain high moisture care.

When selecting a hair product, you should always take into account its chemical content (preventing petrochemicals, alcohols in particular), and hair nutrition advantages (should be pH balanced with high humectants and organic ingredients as much as possible). An ideal organic hair product would include lots of natural nutrients and natural moisturizers to make it strong and healthy.

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