A Legal Trick To Make More Money Reselling E-Books

Reselling e-a course in miracles is a widely popular online business used by many people for making money using the internet. The investment required is less and the profit you can generate has no limits. When you are able to sell your e-book to more customers then you can make more money. It all depends on your marketing strategies and the effort you take in promoting the product.

Now that you have your reselling website setup or you use eBay to sell the e-books. When you market correctly to the potential customers they will turn as potential buyers and you can make money. You can use a simple trick to logically increase your profit in every sale of the e-book. The best strategy is to up-sell the e-book to customers.

Up-selling means that you can sell the e-book for a higher price. Instead of selling an e-book for $7 you can sell it for $20. There is a logical trick to do this. You can give a one time offer for your customers for up-selling the e-book. You offer something more than the e-book for an additional cost. A sure percentage of your customers will definitely take up the offer when you price the one time offer around $20.

You can offer extra e-books or the audio version of the e-book as a one time offer. You can use the give away e-books for your customer in the offer. Also you can sell the resell rights of the book at an additional cost. This means that when a customer buys the e-book with the resale rights then the buying customer can also sell the e-book. This is a most common way used by many people for up-selling e-books.

Selling resale rights require some additional points to be considered. You can sell the resale rights only when you are allowed to do so. When you don’t have the license to sell the resale rights then you will be denied of this approach.

If you have your own e-book to be sold, then there are no limits for up-selling them. You can offer additional e-books and you can sell the resale rights. Since you are the author of your own e-book you can provide anything you wish for your customers.

When you own an e-book with private label rights then it is legal to sell the resale rights. You have to be careful when you are selling the resale rights. You have to first understand what rights you have with the e-book and you must not forfeit the law for up-selling e-books.

On the other hand, when you have master resell rights then you are at your freedom to up-sell the e-book of your choice. You can very well offer the resale rights for your customer for an extra charge. When the e-book you are selling is hot then you will have more customers buying the additional resale rights. You can decide what rights you are providing for your customers.

The one time offer can be offered to the customers before or after the sale. Both the approaches are successful but mostly before the sale approach is seen widely used by the resellers. You can choose any approach by having a generic idea about the mindset of your customers.

Once you have convinced your customer to buy the e-book you can provide the options. The customer can buy the e-book and make use of it personally or he can buy the resale rights and sell the e-books to others. Depending on the needs, the customer will choose one option. If he chooses to buy the resale rights then you are successful in up-selling the e-book.

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