20 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer Before You Hire One

Hiring a wedding Wedding Photographer NJ is a very important step in planning your wedding. A photographer can be one of the priciest services you hire. Since the photos will document your special day for years to come, it’s important to hire a photographer that matches what you want in wedding photos.

Here are 20 questions to ask a wedding photographer before you hire one.

1. What is your style of photography?
Photographers often specialize in a particular type of photography such as: portraits, candid, artistic, photo-journalistic, or traditional posed and formal. Take some magazine clippings of photos you like to the meeting with the photographer to show him or her what styles you like.

2. Do you shoot in both color and black and white?
If the photographer shoots in color only, he or she can turn the photos into black and white.

3. Do you take photos in a digital format?
This format allows the photographer the most flexibility in editing and adding special effects such as sepia tones. They can also provide you with a CD or online portfolio of shots very soon after the wedding. This is a major plus!

4. Can we request a list of shots for you to take?
While you want your photographer to use his or her professional eye, this is still your wedding. Beware a photographer who will not take requested shots.

5. If you use film, do you develop it yourself? May we purchase the negatives?
Some photographers charge you on a per-print basis in addition to the fee for working your wedding. It’s much more cost-effective to reproduce the negatives yourself in many cases. Check to see if this is an option for you.

6. Are you our actual photographer? Will you have an assistant for equipment or other shots? Will this cost us any additional money?
These are great questions for a couple with a large wedding because it may require more than one photographer. Be sure the photographer lets you meet anyone who will be backing him or her up.

7. Do you have any other events booked for the weekend of our wedding? Do you foresee any conflicts in time or travel?
If a photographer is already booked up, be sure you get a guarantee in writing that your wedding will be covered. It would be disastrous to not have your photographer show up or to send a less experienced person.

8. What kind of equipment will you need to set up?
This will give you a good idea of any modifications you need to make to your wedding décor or setup. Tripods, lighting and even assistants can minimize your space in a small location. Be sure everything is going to fit without being in the way of your guests.

9. How many weddings have you worked? Have you worked weddings that are similar in style and size to our wedding?
This will be some valuable information about your photographer because you want someone who will understand the challenges associated with your particular size and style of wedding.

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