10 Ways To Increase Your Targeted Web Site Traffic

For if traffic is King; targeted traffic is God. All traffic is good, but there is a great distinction between ordinary traffic and targeted traffic. Someone clicking on a link to your site who is looking for the exact information or product you have 먹튀 is said to be a targeted visitor. These are the kinds of visitors or traffic you must try to obtain in your marketing and link building.

Why?Because targeted traffic is often the key to building a successful site on the web. Targeted traffic will greatly increase your sales conversions, bring back repeat visitors and help your site gain a prominent online presence.

So here are 10 targeted traffic building steps you can take:

1. Google Is God!Only half-kidding but at least where targeted traffic is concerned, Google is still the all important being you should be worshipping online. Don’t ignore the other two major demigods Yahoo! and MSN, but Google will deliver most of your traffic. Your website stats will point this out to you daily, so you must optimize your site for Google.

As a general rule make your pages Google friendly by only using one topic per page, include your keywords in the title, meta description and url for that page. It would also be helpful to have your main keywords in the first headline on the page and most experienced webmasters try to place their keywords in the first 90 words and in the last 25 words. Sprinkle your keywords and variations throughout the copy but don’t keyword spam, just let the engines know this is what your page is about.

2. Target The Right KeywordsYou must target the right keywords in order to get useful traffic to your site. You must first check the number of searches and amount of competition for your chosen keywords. You can use software like Keyword Elite or sites like www.digitalpoint.com/tools/suggestion/ which will give you the Overture and WordTracker monthly stats to help you pick the right keywords for your site. Instead of picking highly competitive keywords, take the middle road and milk the ‘long tail keywords’!Most webmasters create a master keyword list for their site then branch off into sub-categories from this master list. For example, if you have a site on laptops your sub-keyword categories could be laptop accessories, laptop batteries and so on. Similar, most webmasters only develop their sites in a simple hierarchy with the homepage as the center with their major keywords as separate pages and then sub-categories branching out from these. Your webpages should not be more than three clicks away from your homepage as this will really displease the search engine gods!

3. Have Relevant ContentPerhaps what will appease the SE gods the most is relevant content. Your content has to be relevant to the topic of your site. Keep everything on topic and within the scope of your site.

Relevant, helpful content will also be the biggest magnet for targeted traffic. Surfers are usually looking for information, give them what they want and your site will reap the rewards. Original high quality relevant content will draw in targeted traffic to your site so make sure your have some good content to satisfy your visitors and the search engines.

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