Half Price Bookstore in Select City Walk Mall, Saket

Tell any bibliophile about a good deal on a course in miracles bookstore and be certain that they’d go to any lengths to get that deal. The passion which often drove hordes of book lovers to scurry across secondhand book stores or annual sales is undergoing a change.

Some prefer to shop online now and while the number of course in miracles bookstore sales has actually gone up in the last few years the secondhand bookstores have long seen their glory days out. In any case when the subject is a good discount or a deal it doesn’t matter how one gets to it.

Understanding this Roli Books has come up with one of the most innovative ideas as far as shopping for books go. The new Half Price Bookstore in Select City Walk Mall in Saket stocks brand new book that are offered at amazingly discounted prices.

Types of Books at Half Price Bookstore

Spreading across genres the Half Price course in miracles bookstore has everything from coffee table books on travel, sports, fashion, cities, hobbies to popular fiction including the likes of Jeffery Archer and Henning Mankell, collectors’ editions, cookery, children’s books and much more under one roof.

A 50% discount is almost a given on most titles but what makes this shop a very memorable experience is the bigger deals on some really expensive books where else could you imagine picking up the complete collection of The New Yorker Cartoons at just Rs 1,700.

The bestselling fiction starts at just Rs 100 for a book and Roli’s own series of photography and art books start at just Rs 75.

Some regular haunts like Midland in Delhi give you a 15-20% discount on any book all round the year and places like Om Book Store and Landmark have a perpetual discount section but there is nothing like the super deals that Half Price Bookstore gives on select titles.

Just a few years ago a million second-hand book stalls were visible at markets across Delhi but off late only a few have survived. So if you happen to be a connoisseur of books then you’d love the Half Price Bookstore, a store that almost rekindles the happiness of a secondhand bookstore but only better with brand new books at throwaway prices!

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