Cosmetic Surgery Thailand – The Real Story

In fact, surgery for aesthetic purposes is now more popular link slot gacor thailand than ever all around the world. Even in the United States where every procedure is at least twice the price as it is in Thailand, there were almost 14 million cosmetic procedures in 2011 at a cost of more than $10 billion in total. In all, plastic surgery in the United States has increased by 5% from its 2010 level but this figure is well down on increases the industry enjoyed at the beginning of the 21st century.

Some may point to the recession as a reason why more people are not going under the knife but the truth is, cosmetic surgery Thailand is increasing at a far quicker rate. Having any cosmetic procedure in a Thai clinic is liable to save you several thousand dollars. A famous example of saving money by having any kind of surgery in Thailand came from a man who had an operation in Bangkok for $12,000 that would have cost him $100,000 in the United States.

Needless to say, the operation was a complete success and he was delighted with the results. That Thai surgeons are so good so comes as no surprise since the majority of cosmetic surgeons currently working in Thailand gained a degree from abroad. And besides, Thai universities are now capable of producing surgeons of the same quality as any European or American college.

Even patients from the United Kingdom are beginning to understand the advantages of cosmetic surgery Thailand. The British health service is in a complete mess at the moment so it is difficult to find qualified cosmetic surgeons. It is not uncommon for a patient to be operated on by a surgeon who does not specialize in the stated cosmetic procedure. Despite the skill of the surgeon in his/her own field, it does not translate to a different area and this can lead to less than desirable results.

This, along with the huge savings, is one of the main reasons why UK residents go abroad and look for cosmetic surgery Thailand. Thousands of UK citizens who went to Thailand for plastic surgery have been interviewed over the last number of years and asked to give an account of their experience. An incredible 97% of those asked would definitely have the procedure in Thailand again with 96% of people saying that they would use the same clinic again and the same percentage claimed that they would recommend the clinic to a friend or relative. 

Such an overwhelmingly positive response probably comes as a shock to those who still hang on to the outdated belief that cosmetic surgery Thailand is somehow inferior to countries like the US and UK. As these so-called economic giants muddle from one crisis to the next, leaving their healthcare system in a sorry mess, it seems as if the worm has turned and Thailand is one of the safest places of all to have cosmetic surgery. 

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